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Posted By: Connye LaCombe on August 27, 2002
I have long considered the classroom environment to be criticaally important to the receptivity of students. I find natural light to be very important. I incorporate plants into my room to increase the oxygen available. Humidity is very important in the northern states, yet most schools do not have humidifiers. My classroom was designed by a California architect - and I'm in Minnesota. It is all cement block with one small bulletin board. Displaying student work is important - how do I do it?

But, there are a number of critical issues that have not been addressed - acoustics, the comfort level of student desks - would people in business sit in one all day? I have collected some articles on environment, but there isn't much out there. Perhaps that should be my thesis question? I'll take any and all input!

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 physical setting for instruction / learning by jonathan fraser on June 19, 2002
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