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On Post-modernism and Proctology

Posted By: Jeff McCullers on August 15, 2002
I completely and enthusiastically agree with Mike Sacken that the language of modern and post-modern philosophy is remarkably unpleasant--and probably silly. I have sometimes read an article and then not been able to identify the topic with a sufficient degree of confidence, much less the conclusions.

Having said that, though, I can't go on to dismiss the whole enterprise as not being worth the trouble. When I do read something clear and profound (say, something written by Mortimer J. Adler), then I am rewarded many times over what effort I may have put into it. Most important, reading that kind of work actually improves teaching practice.

And yes--to follow up on Mike Sacken's memorable proctological metaphor--the "examined life" is a fine thing, but we can limit our deep probing to our minds, our understanding, and our practice!
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