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Misguided about vouchers

Posted By: Denise Eslinger on August 4, 2002
You are misguided about vouchers helping.

I believe that our first real line of defense is a solid education for all Americans…
Without education, we would be a lost civilization guided by ignorance and controlled by those in power….
Only education is the power that keeps America as it is…and that includes Democracy.

I like the idea that you see a serious problem about the conditions of education in the inner city…however…your energy is misguided…
Instead of trying to allow those who can pay the additional cost of a private school or transportation and additional cost of some suburban school …Thereby killing off those who remain…(again the poor)…You are creating an even more significant divide between the have’s and have not’s.
You should be fighting with all of your being for MORE MONEY IN THE SCHOOLS…You can not look at the conditions of the schools and the current two job teachers…and honestly say that there is plenty of money for them (teachers) to do their job and for student’s to respect and put forth effort to learn.
When we as a society do not show respect for education (lowest paid professional…. highest moral expectations as well as educational expectation.etc) and we look at the dilapidated schools…Give me a break…you are socially blind if you do not compare conditions of what we view as important and what we care less about.

What CEO or business man/woman would work in conditions that we demand our children live and learn in and our teachers teach in? We have prisons that are luxurious compared to our schools…and Cleveland is just awful, and a sad case of neglect. What little support we give to the national educational system is criminal!

Instead of running away from this…you should be taking your knowledge and energy and fighting for equality among all schools and compare them to corporations and sports …not a neighboring school that looks better….
In addition: Why is it that when corporations are in trouble (airlines, car manufactories, military, etc) we just open up the pocket book at throw money at them! Money as we all know is essential to helping ..But for some reason not for education…we expect that to be a non-cost item…is that because the rich really do not want the poor to be competitors?
But it may catch up to us.if we do not take a serious look at the cost of ignorance in America…
With all of the new money that we are throwing at the military (already the most costly in the world… before we began to throw more money at it) will be of no value if our own people lose faith in our democracy and turn against our societal laws and mores…Of what value is a strong military when “the people” are ignored and not taken care of…at the expense of the “rich” and greedy? When people no longer believe in the American dream that if they work hard they too can become well off…and instead watch as corporate greed and corruption pays off…. Anomie is the result and our society as we plan off of, ceases to exist…Nothing is going to help then. Our only real power for democracy is from the strength of an EDUCATED public.
Education is the only way to keep democracy…John Dewy is a very significant philosopher in guiding the real purpose and importance of education…(If you have not read his books, I strongly suggest you do that).

Running from the problem and thinking that the voucher system will get” those people to teach better” is absurd…. You are blaming the victim…. and I am astounded that you cannot see that….
Please…I ask of you to sit back …rethink your logic and take a good look at what you are trying to do…. Your heart is in the right place but you are not the right track…


Denise. Eslinger
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