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Students at risk - Frustration

Posted By: Martin Jones on July 31, 2002
I think my reaction has gone beyond frustration.

I recognise that it takes much more than we normally endure to meet the needs of those that we naturally exclude. Last week a vet at a Teaching Hospital asked me sternly why would I take a pup with mange from my friend.

I know I have to home school my daughter for the time being (and my daughter is learning much better than I expected) and to grow to overcome my own intolerance of dogs - which my daughter picked up with a passion. So there is so much more for me to learn personally on this journey.

But it's a journey that can't be legislated. And all of us in education - (including and particularly the pious devotees and the policymakers at all levels) have a personal responsibility to grow beyond our encapsulation, especially when we talk glibly about 'putting systems in place to accomodate students at risk in this age of education for all.'
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