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Special Ed vouchers

Posted By: Dee Alpert on July 25, 2002
Bills to provide hefty vouchers for disabled kids are being worked on in a number of states.

It will be interesting to see what happens when No Child Left Behind really comes into play for these kids, since it is pretty obvious, from available data, that this is one group of children whom public schools do not educate appropriately or competently.

At the same time, the school districts complain constantly that they lose money on these kids.

Assuming that's true (unverified claims since USDOE does not audit special education fund expenditure), one would think that as NCLB starts kicking in, public school districts and state ed. departments might be happy, were they logical, to shift this group of kids to the private sector. We'll see what "market" and "economic" pressures really do to and for school districts as these bills come up for consideration in legislatures.

For example, the NYS Ed. Dept.'s position, implicitly (and explicitly, if you ask) is that there are no remediation programs that are effective for remediating kids diagnosed or classified as learning disabled. At the same time, even the AFT says that Lindamood Bell works for many of these kids and is research-validated. So one would expect that NYS Ed. Dept. would be glad to get rid of a group of kids that it believes it cannot teach.

Life gets interesting. We'll see.

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