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Read a Post for Imagining Education: Beyond the Logic of Global Neoliberal Capitalism
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Don't ignore history

Posted By: David Wangaard on September 11, 2018
I hope someone in this text acknowledges how capitalism has brought about the greatest economic miracle in human history. Capitalism, not socialism or Marxism has raised more people out of poverty than at any other time in history. There are clear grounds to debate the value of naked capitalism from any form of civic-minded capitalism, but no other economic model reveals the ability to motivate innovation and creativity.
In addition, in any look at Marxism, one would hope that someone addresses its abject failure anywhere it has been implemented. How many more tens of millions of people might be sacrificed on the altar of the Marxist theory? The oft-cited socialist successes in Scandinavia all fail to note that Scandinavian countries are all capitalists’ nations that carry socialist benefits. It is capitalism that funds the social benefits in Scandinavia.
Somehow, we know to reject fascism. How the left can justify any hope to resurrect Marxism is a fatal flaw in understanding history. More people have been murdered due to the false hope of utopian Marxism than the equal evil of nationalist fascism, but you wouldn’t know that in this review. Again, hope the text exposes the resilient myth of Marxism.
Liberal democracy and capitalism have supported the greatest liberty and economic freedom of men and women in human history. This review fails to give me any hope that this observation is the basis of Imagining Education.
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 Don't ignore history by David Wangaard on September 11, 2018
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