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Vouchers & School Choice

Posted By: Dawn Tarica-Kemp on July 16, 2002
I agree that parents should have the ability to choose which school their child(ren) attends. However, it is important to consider the implications of a government supported voucher program. While many students would be able to attend 'better,' and not necessarily religious, schools, the possible negative externalities that the students not using vouchers may encounter must be considered.

I believe that the Ohio Supreme Court did just that when reaching their decision. The market competition elicited by the introduction of vouchers would have many positive ramifications. Up until this point, a market-base voucher system has not been implemented on a large-scale within the United States. Continued indepth analysis of the impact of choice schools on student performance should be closely monitered to infer the long term effects of competition within the American School System.
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