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Read a Post for African American Males Navigate Racial Microaggressions
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Or, how Blacks deal with teacher bullshit

Posted By: Brett Lane on July 17, 2018
Nice analysis - although the language was almost too academic. Could have vacillated to some more straightforward language. But I do think you captured some of the reality of high school. Of course, part of what you captured is just what it means to be in high school. Blacks may have it a bit worse in some schools (predominately white schools), but all HS kids are "labeled" and grouped by their peers and by teachers, and all struggle with identity. They all engage in the coping mechanisms that you outlined, although maybe not in response to micro/racial transgressions; rather, just plain old bullying, stereotyping.

Here's how I'd wrap up your conclusion:

African American males navigate racial microaggressions in culturally diverse high schools by employing integrative mobility and behavioral vacillation to rebuff the racial microaggression of monolithic targeting as enacted by White teachers.


How Black students deal with teacher bullshit by making friends with White kids and not acting too ghetto.

It does beg the question, however, whether your sample was biased. For instance, what about the Black students that don't "play this game" and don't deal with teacher bullshit. Who's being more true to their self...what does it mean to play the game?

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 Or, how Blacks deal with teacher bullshit by Brett Lane on July 17, 2018
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