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Re: The Attention Factor & "Genuine Choice"

Posted By: Bonnie Willis on July 9, 2002
Is your point for giving the above homeschool example is to show that there will/could be a floodgate of abuses if the voucher program is implemented? Isn't that the case for any social program?

Regarding the dissenting view summarize in the article - it is an error in logic to say that there is no "genuine choice" because most private, non-religious schools are more expensive than parochial schools. It is not the responsibility of government to make the options more attractive - it is simply to provide the resources needed for parents to make the choice for their children.

I am more disturbed by the underlying notion that educator/government should make decisions for children over parents because they know what is best. Regardless of if we agree or disagree with parents' choices - the welfare of their children is ultimately their responsibility. It is not governments' place to take over the responsiblity of parents.
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