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The Attention Factor

Posted By: Lynne Poston on July 9, 2002
Homeschoolers will benefit? Recently a friend of mine has found out that her voucher can be used to "homeschool" her child. She is going to work with a school in Toledo that pays for all of her child's extracurricular activity (sports, music, other)in her living area. He, the child 5 years old, will receive a computer, but must stay in the program for 4 years. The curriculum is a choice of 90% internet, 10% paper work or a type of "modular" program the choice is yours). This school is about 3 hours away from their home in Ohio. Her son will be classified in a voucher school, but in essence will be homeschooled through the internet. Depending on how the parent perceives her responsibility with lesson content, is this what was intended for a voucher program?

I actually think that this program could work as well as the traditional thinking of voucher schools. It is high time that the public schools feel the "need to succeed beyond the standard set before them. Although competition is good, sometimes those "run over" in the process makes this level of competition costly.
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