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Read a Post for Principles, Practices, and Creative Tensions in Progressive Higher Education: One Institution’s Struggle to Sustain a Vision
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Re: Is it time to challenge this idea of

Posted By: Virginia Stead on May 21, 2018
Most definitely, and Robert E. Soucy leads the way!

A Critique of the Customer Model of Higher Education: The Tail Wagging the Dog (2017)
Robert J. Soucy

Series: Equity in Higher Education Theory, Policy, and Praxis, Virginia Stead (Series Editor)

Soucy investigates why American higher education, once rated number one in the world, is now rated number twelve. The book’s purpose is to expose the many drawbacks of the present system of evaluating college teaching. This text also raises questions about the role social class plays in American academia today, especially where the consumer model is involved.

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 Is it time to challenge this idea of "students taking control of their own education" by Frank T Manheim on March 9, 2018
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