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Posted By: Patrick Pappano on July 3, 2002
I am Patrick A. Pappano, Columbia Business '85, and running for Congress in Ohio's 11th Congressional district, which includes the majority of inner city Cleveland. The voucher program, and my promotion of it, is key to my campaign in the black community, which approves vouchers at a rate of 80%, while black politicians that I compete with, remain committed to fighting vouchers.

Education in the inner city is not the same job as education in Scarsdale or Shaker Heights. At one time, perhaps it was, but not any more. The public schools have not changed with the requirements of their market. In Cleveland, I believe, that this is largely due to teacher unions focusing on process rather than mission, focusing on jobs rather results. The unions, I don't believe, will change, largely because they can't. Vouchers permit multiple visions to be applied to the task of inner city education, just as you point out.

Nothing is more certain in the world of investment, than the benefits to be gained by educating our children. Blacks who know this paradigm, are supporting the freedom and opportunity vouchers bring, and that fraction of the black community here in Cleveland is 80%.

Thank you for pointing out what happens when people are free to offer new solutions to old problems.
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