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Read a Post for Thinking and Thoughtlessness in Character Education
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Amen and then some...

Posted By: Marvin Berkowitz on December 18, 2015
I agree whole-heartedly with the main point of this piece; namely that character education (and moral education, and citizenship education...) should aim to and rely on methods that promote the responsible critical socio-moral and civic thinking of youth, our future citizens and neighbors. And while much of contemporary character education does, as claimed, rely on more didactic and even indoctrinatory methods, not all of it does or ever has. Starting at least with John Dewey, the voice echoed in this piece has been a central perspective in US education for over a century. And much of contemporary character and citizenship/civic education is experiential, constructivist, empowering, and even democratic. It is a shame that was not recognized and no examples of exemplary work were cited (e.g., Expeditionary Learning Schools, Just Community Schools, Caring School Community, etc.).
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 Amen and then some... by Marvin Berkowitz on December 18, 2015
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