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Re: Ruby Payne's Research

Posted By: Anthony Jackson on July 14, 2015
I think it is a mistake to conclude from reading Framework that Dr. Payne is saying that all of the people defined as poor will always have these qualities or hidden rules.
If you live in poverty, you are more likely to respond to problems or other emotions physically. Why? because in the chapter related to language, the vocabulary of those in poverty is significantly less than those in the middle class. Does this mean that if you have a low vocabulary you must be in poverty? Or if you improve your language skills you will jump into the middle class? of course not, but what it does mean, is that the students we serve may be more inclined toward physical interactions than verbal ones, particularly in the formal kinds of language used in school. And we need to recognize that the wealthy are different from the middle class in substantial ways, and the poor are different as well. Not universally of course, but in trends and statistical terms, the various classes exist on a spectrum, much like intelligence, height and weight, austism, etc.
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 Ruby Payne's Research by Luann Emmes on July 21, 2012
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