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physical setting for instruction / learning

Posted By: jonathan fraser on June 19, 2002
I am looking for people interested in a discussion on the relative value of the physical setting for instruction and learning. As I search for current seminars, online discussions, recent articles...I find that most discussions about the current state of education (inclusive of primary-higher) focus on the instructor and the student without much comment on the infrastructure of the environment.

When making decisions on the creation of a new environment when is it critical to allow flexibility for the instructor/student to grow and explore (even intending the physical reality to fade into the background) and when should the environment "participate" in stimulating growth and exploration? Is a balance or one versus the other the answer?

What have we learned from examples of the various physical organizations and articulations of the materiality (considering light the first material) of our schools?
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 physical setting for instruction / learning by jonathan fraser on June 19, 2002
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