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Creative, but an Idea from the Matrix!

Posted By: Craig Engelhardt on September 19, 2014
I fully agree that corporatization of public education poses an inappropriate source of "rules to be followed." However, it is almost laughable to pose pre- or post-corporate public education as a panacea for creative educational expression. Freedom to move outside of state and federal standards, policies, and procedures is extremely limited for teachers and administrators. Likewise, parents and local business owners, though they can offer services that align with the public school "instruction manual," have little freedom to interact in a really creative manner with their local schools. But perhaps this is the required nature of a singular system of public education. What would give any parent, teacher, or business leader the right to "build" toward their privately conceived ends with other people's children?

No, the bureaucracy of public education is just as constraining to educational creativity as is corporatization. We must take the "battery" away from all those who presume the superior understanding or perspective to attempt to uniformly control the education of mass numbers of other people's children. Corporate control has reached into public charter and district schools through both "rules attached to gifts" and through opportunities arising from the school choice movement. However, the school choice movement is not the enemy of educational freedom the the source of it. It has just not gone far enough.

School choice is dominated by secular schools while for centuries (when tuition is not a factor) parents have overwhelmingly chosen community based religious schools. Visit most any private school (90% of which are religious) and one will find more room for creativity than is found in public schools. And this creativity is not foisted upon disagreeable families, because these families simply leave what they don't like.

The true theme of the Lego movie leads not to the bureaucratized public school monopoly, but to a broad system of school choice.
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 Creative, but an Idea from the Matrix! by Craig Engelhardt on September 19, 2014
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