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A Solid Book; A Less-Than-Solid Review

Posted By: Andrew Arroyo on September 9, 2014
As a regular reader of TCR, contributor through the peer review and book review processes, and someone who has read "Thinking with Theory," I feel this review misses the mark. These co-authors have devoted more time to talking about themselves than to treating the actual book. Astounding, really! Consequently, the review is unhelpful in telling us anything meaningful about the book. Moreover, I believe the authors of this review have miscast Jackson and Mazzei's fundamental assumptions, and have done the book's authors a disservice in the process. I implore anyone who reads this comment to secure a copy of the book and to form their own opinions. [Please note: I do not know the authors and have no stake in this dissent other than as a service to the truth.]
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 A Solid Book; A Less-Than-Solid Review by Andrew Arroyo on September 9, 2014
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