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With whom are you talking?

Posted By: Mike Sacken on June 14, 2002
If you want to be informed why philosophy of ed is viewed as tedious, talk with your students who are currently enduring it. The prime reason is turgidity of text, I'd guess. Y'all can dismiss them as intellectually lazy or disengaged or superficial, if that comforts you, but if a large portion of the profession doesn't respond to these texts, the paradox is that you don't consider the problem might well lie in the texts (and teachers).

Maybe the distance you've traveled on your chosen path has seprarated you from your students/teachers too much. Since philosophy "professionalized" and through a linguistic turn became increasingly arcane, its accessibility was ever more diminished to less than expert readers. And the task seems to be, as I read the papers on the PES site, to talk to and with each other. And to distinguish one' self in such exclusionary dialog, one does arcane analysis and angel's head reasoning better and better.

I find educators are more than willing to discuss and angst over Life Questions - after all, they encounter the underbelly of society daily far more immediately than we do. But they discuss in their own voices and through their own stories - which bear no resemblance to the writings of professional philosophers. I doubt many teachers would describe their efforts as autocatalytic, eg.

As to where academic philosophy is headed, I think it's already home - a monastic life, scribbling commentaries on commentaries. I see nothing in y'all's conversation that would change that place of residence - at best, y'all seem confused why more of "common folk" won't join there for sackcloth and ashes.

If the unexamined life is not worth living, neither is the examined life when your inquisitor is a proctologist.
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 The Primacy Paradox by Jeff McCullers on April 26, 2002
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