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Alternative Music Education in multiple community

Posted By: David Demnitz on June 13, 2002
Dear Chenghsien,

For many years I have taught music to what are known in the U. S. as 'special education' students. Specifically, these students are considered disabled because they have difficulty controlling their emotions, and most of them are considered to have difficulty learning in common academic ways.

In my program we celebrate the students' background. I have developed specific lesson plans which are designed to instruct students in music while exploring musical styles and historical information which explains their predicament.

I would be happy to forward lesson plans to you which you might find useful. They are prepared using a software program called Finale, so I could email them to you immediately, or I could send some of them to you in the mail.

I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you. Please reply to me, David Demnitz, at ddemnitz@workingfamilies.com.

David Demnitz

What kind of students do you teach? What do you mean by multiple communities?

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 How to put alternative music education to work so as to release imagination in the service of multiple community by chenghsien li on May 10, 2002
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