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Meanwhile, at the elementary school...

Posted By: Paul Rigmaiden on December 27, 2013
We have grade-level PLC meetings once a month. They are a waste of time, primarily because teachers do not set the agenda and because they are actually mini staff meetings where either the principal, vice-principal, or both, run the meeting. One principal even announced that there was such a thing as "forced collaboration." At that point I asked him if he realized what he had said, because he sounded crazy. The only forced collaboration I knew of happened in prisons, concentration camps, and during slavery. As we might suspect, when the administrators are present, many teachers are reluctant to express themselves because they have legitimate concerns about administrative backlash with respect to any comments the teachers make that the administrators might not like. The authentic, organic, real, and honest collaboration and PLC both exist, in spite of any administrative desire to control teachers. The real stuff happens at lunch time, via email, in phone conversations, on school parking lots, in classrooms before and after school, and whenever the opportunity exists.
I salute the commentator for the insight.
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 Meanwhile, at the elementary school... by Paul Rigmaiden on December 27, 2013
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