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Read a Post for Poverty and Education: A Critical Analysis of the Ruby Payne Phenomenon
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Very Thought Provoking

Posted By: Amy Esposito on July 11, 2013
When reading this article I was awakened to the flaws or holes in Payne's work. There were many great points made here by the authors when critiquing Payne's foundational framework. I've read this article as a result of taking a course on Poverty which asked me to read more about the critiques of Payne. When I first started reading Payne's book I took what she had to say, trusting her expertise. I'm now very glad that I've been able to look at all sides of the story.

I especially agree with the point on parenting, that a parent's income does not affects their ability to parent successfully. Nor does a child's behavior have to do with their poverty situation. There are so many more factors to examine and take into account! The authors of this article hit it right on the head, that this topic of poverty is not as simple as Payne presents. I do see now, how Payne referred to those living in poverty with very wide brush strokes and sadly has gotten a popular response because many people take her word for it, agreeing with Payne's (to quote the authors here) "commonplace assumptions."
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 Very Thought Provoking by Amy Esposito on July 11, 2013
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