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Go with the flow...

Posted By: Paul Rigmaiden on June 11, 2013
James Wilkins:

I teach sixth grade out here in Appalachia West, a.k.a. the central valley of California. Had I been in the teacher's place, I would have informed the principal of the silent lunch time upon instituting it. I recognize the political dimension of the Parent day; these sorts of things are important in the life of a school. I would have told the kids in advance something like, "Look, your parents will be here with you tomorrow, so feel free to talk to them at lunch time, but during the next lunch time, you will be silent!" Further, I would have taken the lunch time to let the parents know what was happening, what with all the disrespect toward the cafeteria workers. In my experience, this would have led to some on-the-spot reprimands from the parents, and maybe a some "pops" upside a few heads, if you take my meaning. The teacher and the principal seem to have a communications problem. In your story the teacher comes off as really functionalist and inflexible, and so does the principal, for that matter. They both need to stop being so rigid. The whole episode seems dumb.
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 Go with the flow... by Paul Rigmaiden on June 11, 2013
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