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Educators Are Not Highly Qualified If They Cannot Teach Nonwhite Inner City Students

Posted By: Sherman Miller on April 19, 2013
As an African American who specializes in teaching mathematics to college students from inner city backgrounds, I have concern that we as educators are perpetuating the belief in white supremacy by ignoring that nature bestows talent to all people regardless of socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity. It is like Caucasian features were the American mainstream standard of beauty until interracial marriage was frocked when the US Supreme court knocked the miscegenation laws in a 1967 ruling mixed raced children were no longer treated as skeletons to be hidden in the closet. President Barack Obama is symbolic of an interracial child born with extraordinary talent.

It appears apparent that ballyhooing white supremacy is de facto fear mongering that the non-white majority is imminent. One need only to stop in a farmer’s market and notice the nonwhite pregnant ladies to see how fast the nonwhite population is growing. Thus, I see the current immigration debate as a ruse for shunning nonwhite immigrants where US politicians merely pay lip service to citizenship for today’s 11 million illegal immigrants.

When I walk into a classroom I believe all of my students can learn. I share my belief with them. I also state you must convince me you cannot learn. Every once and awhile I find someone who works hard enough to convince me he cannot learn. I find in diverse races of classes; students will come up to the expectation I place upon them.

I believe the Schools of Education need to teach their graduates how to earn “Street Creds” in the eyes of inner city students then they will understand the nonwhite students’ culture and not assume that there is an instant mainstream student acculturation. Hence, it is disingenuous if a teacher is rated highly qualified and cannot teach inner city populations.
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 Educators Are Not Highly Qualified If They Cannot Teach Nonwhite Inner City Students by Sherman Miller on April 19, 2013
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