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Read a Post for "The only thing I wanna hear out of you is nothing!" Is It Time for Federal Legislation to Ban Corporal Punishment in Schools?
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Feds No. Punishment Complex.

Posted By: Allen Lambert on February 5, 2013
Whatever the merits of various kinds of "punishment" in affecting social behavior and reinforcing compliance to norms, such decisions should be local.

First, formal schooling ("education") is not the province of the federal gov't. Why is that simple Constitutional principle hard to remember and respect? And experience of federal imposition of one-size-fits-all solutions is seldom effective in anything.

Second, local boards are (a) better representatives of the views and values of their local communities than politicians and bureaucrats in WDC (not to mention state capitols), and (b) constitute the diversity (supposedly valued in a liberal society) which make possible "experiments", i.e., variation which produces innovation, adaptation to different "ecosystems" (to use a metaphor), demonstrations of what actually works better in practice, choice, and so on.

As for "punishment" (which has many manifestations), the evidence for its effectiveness or lack thereof is much more complex than usually portrayed. For expl, the "greatest generation" grew up with various forms corporal punishment as a fairly common experience. And if "punishment" is never effective, etc., why do virtually all nation-states (and our several 'united' states) engage in official punishment of several kinds, including prisons?

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 Feds No. Punishment Complex. by Allen Lambert on February 5, 2013
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