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Standards/High Stakes Testing

Posted By: Richard Nelson on May 29, 2002
Not sure that this will help but. Most states took the lead in setting standards. They saw the testing/assessment part of this exercise as an integral part of making sure that the standards that were developed were in fact being applied in the classrooms. The standards tend to be more inclusive (covering a broader array of styles and matters) than the testing tends to be. This of course speaks volumes about our ability to measure and apply those measures to student progress. It is though difficult to see how the standards could be set in place in the variety of districts and buildings without some measure, however inexact that measure is. Anyway good luck with this one. You could try any of the state ed web sites and see how they explain this conumdrum.

R. Nelson
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 High-stakes testing and standards by Samantha Murray on April 13, 2002
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