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High Stakes Testing and Standards

Posted By: Dr. Terry Fry on May 29, 2002
I have been teaching English for 36 years at the high school level with one year of teaching writing at the U. of Il. I have come to the conclusion that dividing them with different references is appropriate since High Stakes Testing forces the abandonment of standards and employs teaching to the test. What is measurable is an infinitely small portion of what is taught in a good classroom. Thus, the more tests we have, the less we can teach "the whole child." Not many jobs out there require a scantron and a number 2 pencil, though that is what high stakes testing promotes. Abe Lincoln once said, "weighing a pig more times will not change the weight of the pig." Maybe not, but it sure makes the pig mad as hell. Dr. Terry Fry
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 High-stakes testing and standards by Samantha Murray on April 13, 2002
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