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Re: Re: A Prime Example of Data Cooking?

Posted By: Zeev Wurman on October 13, 2012
I visited the refutation Prof. Boaler's " posted on her Stanford web site and I observe that while she bitterly complains about the fact the Profs. Milgram and Bishop decided to dig into her research data and the way they went about it, in no place she actually argues that their findings are incorrect.

Further, her argument that "identifying human research subjects is contrary to university policy and federal law" is misleading and irrelevant. Milgram and Bishop did not identify "human research subjects" -- they identified the educational institution that was the subject of the study, and its aggregate achievement data. Which, incidentally, is publicly posted on California Department of Education web site.

Too often education researchers hide behind unnecessary confidentiality promises that they happily sign so nobody else will be able to check their findings. This seems to be the case here.
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 A Prime Example of Data Cooking? by Zeev Wurman on December 9, 2009
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