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Well Said

Posted By: M. McF on September 17, 2012
I had to read Teaching with Poverty in Mind for a graduate class I am taking. Part of our assignment was to find an article that debated Payne's theory and comment on the article. I have never posted in such a forum before, so please excuse me if I am out of place.

I could not completely side with Payne for many of the reason the authors of this article mentioned.

The fact that she attributes certain behaviors and values to just the poor is infuriating. Sure, it can be true for some, but not all. I know plenty of people, adults and students alike, who do not value a hard work ethic, behaving appropriately, or the value of money. These people would not be considered poverty stricken. All social classes can be plagued with such people.

I think many of Payne's statements are bold and meant to stir up emotions. Ng and Rury do an excellent job contesting these arguments, making valid counter arguments, and showing opposing viewpoints.
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 Well Said by M. McF on September 17, 2012
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