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Jumping the Educational Research Shark

Posted By: Dick Schutz on August 10, 2012
it really doesn't take "research" to determine that the "assurance" of RttT (i.e. sanctions based on standardized test scores and charter schools will not reliably improve instructional accomplishments. The policy is ideologically rather than empirically driven. The policy will fail; but what else is new? The ideological objectives may or may not be obtained in the meanwhile.

However, It is a misreading of educational research to conclude that the reduction of poverty/income disparity will accomplish this aspiration. Income redistribution can be argued as socially desirable, but achieving that aspiration is a political matter far beyond the realm of educational research.

The variability in standardized achievement test scores within countries is an indication that nowhere in the world is instruction under control, To learn how to provide reliably effective instruction requires attention to the instruction. Research as well as logic supports that contention, but not even the educational research choir is listening to that at the moment.
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 Jumping the Educational Research Shark by Dick Schutz on August 10, 2012
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