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Not That Miserable was my Experience

Posted By: Allan Young on May 27, 2002
I am a PhD candidate at Colorado State University and most of our courses were delivered in a semi-distance format. I have had pleasant experiences with this format. It allows me to work at my own pace, it does not allow form much group work considering our format. This type of learning is for people who are self-directed. People who are motivated to do independent learning have various schedules and will work on their own.

As an instructor I have taught several accounting distance courses and the evaluations were positive. I feel this was so because we selected the students who were in my class. Students with a certain GPA were invited. I found for the already struggling students this was not a pleasant expereince which became evident after we were not allowed to select the students in our class. For the most part, students thought it was a pleasant experience.

The only dissapointing part of the experience would be the breakdown in equipment or unavailbility of Webct or some other platform used for distance education.

I am doing the proposal component of my dissertation and I have not found a lot of negative comments about distance education, I have reviewed several dissertations and found distance education/learning to be favorable for older time strapped individuals( Duhaney, Obermier, Tsay, Thomerson)

There is a book "Dancing with the Devil" that suggests that if we do not move with the technology we will have grave problems in the future. I hope my comments help somewhat. do take this as not criticizing what the earlier individual said about having a miserable expereince.
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