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Half true and all wrong

Posted By: Allen Lambert on March 27, 2012
The "end of education" has been proclaimed for millennia, and will continue so long as humans are exhibit diversity of views and values, etc.

Why should schooling ("education") be limited to some liberal arts view of the life of the mind and devoid of or apart from "pragmatic values" of work, etc? Are only "studies of philosophy, history, literature, and the arts" to be considered "life enhancing"? What is more enhancing to a majority of people than being successful in a good job to provide for family and opportunity for implementing personal choices?

Why should the "educational community" engage only in "teaching students to think, to see, to read, and to write"? Why not also teach doing and skills?

Vocational skill development has been a core part of "education" (socialization) in every culture since the beginning of time. Only in recent rich societies has the idea of education as not being subject to practicality become a major theme applied to evaluation of education for all youth. Indeed, one of the significant problems of, and complaints about (by students as well as parents and employers), contemporary education is its failure to prepare youth for work -- whether in science or factory.

Learning is multi-faceted and is often enhanced by inference rather than direct instruction in concepts, theory, etc? Why is artistic appreciation more valuable than exercising manual dexterity and skill in woodworking or plumbing?


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 Half true and all wrong by Allen Lambert on March 27, 2012
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