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Review of the literature on Distance Education

Posted By: Andrew Topper on May 25, 2002
You might get a copy of the article Review of Research in Distance Education, 1990 to 1999, by Zane L. Berge and Susan Mrozowski

This review examines the research literature in distance education over a ten-year
period from 1990 to 1999. Using four prominent, peer-reviewed, English-language
distance education journals and the dissertation abstracts that were related to the
field of distance education, the authors found 1,419 total articles and abstracts.
Only those articles reporting a research methodology (n=890) were included in
this study. A categorization system based on Sherry (1996) was used to categorize
the content. The patterns across journals and dissertation abstracts indicated a
predominance of pedagogical issues being researched. Three-fourths of the
articles and dissertations used a descriptive methodology. Implications for reviews
such as this include that, while they can not correct sloppy or short-sighted
research, they can begin to address gaps in past distance education research. They
can dramatically show the need for a research agenda and future vision in the
field of distance education.

andrew topper
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