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Use Shift Functions to Illustrate Differential Effects of Treatment

Posted By: Ross Mitchell on August 23, 2011
Thank you for an excellent review.

In raising your question about whether students entered college as already strong thinkers as measured by the CLA, which required a better discussion of the before and after measures than was provided by the authors, I think it would have been helpful to offer a specific technique for how to communicate this comparison.

In an article published in Teachers College Record (Mitchell & Mitchell, 2005), I used "shift functions" (e.g., Wilcox, 1997) as a graphical, rather than statistical, analysis technique to illustrate this exact sort of comparison in performance across the distribution of performance for a reference point (time or group). I think this would be an excellent tool for depicting the comparison you wished to see.

Ross E. Mitchell
University of Redlands

Mitchell, R. E., & Mitchell, D. E. (2005). Student segregation and achievement tracking in year-round schools. Teachers College Record, 107(4), 529-562.

Wilcox, R. R. (1997). Introduction to robust estimation and hypothesis testing. San Diego, CA: Academic Press.
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 Use Shift Functions to Illustrate Differential Effects of Treatment by Ross Mitchell on August 23, 2011
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