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Please don't teach anti-Christian concepts and principles

Posted By: Susan Williams on August 23, 2011
Public schools have no business teaching "spirituality" or even thinking along those terms. That is not their job or function. The way you describe "spirituality" is antithetical to orthodox Christianity, the religion of the majority of the parents and students you serve, and the religion of the majority of the taxpayers who pay your salary and pay for everything you use in the public school setting.

Don't you recognize the profound hypocrisy of what you seek to do?

It is of grave concern that public schools have so many thousands of examples in the existing, nationally-accepted curriculum, which censors, distorts and ridicules Christian history and principles in classes ranging from language arts to social studies to health. And yet educators like you don't seem to be aware of these. The anti-Christian propaganda in the curriculum is rampant. The fact that you aren't aware of it is a sad commentary on your own spiritual health!

In the vacuum created by the misunderstanding of the First Amendment, the atmosphere in public schools is extremely hostile toward mainstream Christianity, while as a unit of government, the public school's constitutional duty is to refrain from interfering with the free exercise of anyone's religion. By bashing Christianity constantly, aren't you doing just that?

Now in the guise of improving "spirituality" in the classroom -- sigh! -- we have non-Christians and anti-Christians trying to sneak in outrageous, pagan, anti-Christian content, behind the backs of parents and taxpayers. Don't go there! I beg you!!!

Please think this over, and return to a strictly academic focus, rather than propagandizing children against mainstream Christianity. The consequences are, well . . . eternal.

I would be happy to send you hundreds of examples of anti-Christian content in the curriculum, if you would like to see what I mean.

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 Please don't teach anti-Christian concepts and principles by Susan Williams on August 23, 2011
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