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Read a Post for Only Those Who See Take Off Their Shoes: Seeing the Classroom as a Spiritual Space
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Need help recognizing the many attacks on Christianity in today's curriculum?

Posted By: Susan Williams on August 23, 2011
Rather than wandering off into this rabbit trail of pointless, non-academic pursuit, we really need to return the school curriculum to its proper role in terms of acknowledging and respecting mainstream Christianity. Schools are violating the First Amendment principle of "don't interfere with the free exercise of religion" by utterly censoring mainstream Christianity and opening the floodgates to every other kind of non-Christian ideology, no holds barred. I don't mind teaching about religion under our perfectly-acceptable guidelines. I just don't like all the New Age mumbo-jumbo being inserted in PLACE of orthodox religion as practiced by the majority of the taxpayers who pay the freight for public schools to exist in the first place. It's really astoundingly rude that you would even try to do that.

Perhaps educators are simply not aware of what is in their own curriculum, outside of their own classroom. But we veteran parents are. I would be happy to send you hundreds of examples of anti-Christian content in nationally-popular books assigned for language arts classes and in social studies textbooks. These are highly objectionable to most parents -- if most parents knew they were being presented to their children.

At any rate, any discussion of "seeing the classroom as a spiritual space" is highly inappropriate in the first place, in terms of violating most parents' sincerely-held religious beliefs by going behind their backs to teach their children the exact opposite principles than they are being taught at home and in their place of worship.

Do you not see the hypocrisy? Or do you need me to send you that list?

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 Need help recognizing the many attacks on Christianity in today's curriculum? by Susan Williams on August 23, 2011
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