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Re: What Does it mean to

Posted By: Ross Mitchell on August 23, 2011
I think this means that "Unmaking" is real.

Higher education has not suffered like K-12 schooling because it is purchased privately, not publically. This means that the wealthiest Americans are not losing any privileges.

It is the middle class who are taking the biggest hit they have ever experienced. Now, the middle class are experiencing a profound shock to their local public schools. This is on top of being priced out of higher education, even at their state-funded college or university in some cases (either significant fee and tuition increases, or enrollment caps that mean some qualified students who used to get in are not admitted for lack of capacity to educate them). The steadily declining support for affordable higher education (entirely a loss of commitment in the public sector) has taken its most precipitous dive.

Again, I fully agree that the last decade or so has seen such a rapid decline that no one could miss it, but I think we have to acknowledge that aggressive political efforts and changing attitudes have contributed to a steady loss of commitment to affordable higher education. This change has hurt the middle class, especially now that American manufacturing provides a smaller share of employment for the middle class. That is, a college education is more necessary now than ever before for access to the middle class, but college has become increasingly less affordable for the middle class.
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