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Re: Making or Unmaking?

Posted By: Ross Mitchell on August 21, 2011
I do not agree with your assessment that "both public and private institutions are thriving."

This is certainly not the case in California, and from what my friends and colleagues tell me in other parts of the country, there are troubles in several states, at both public and private institutions, if not uniformly across the United States. Cutbacks, lay-offs, freezes, enrollment caps, reduction in employee benefits, and other sorts of hardships are plentiful. Thriving is not the word I would use to describe the state of affairs in higher education, especially when it comes to support and affordability for students from middle income households.

As for for-profit institutions, this is a wait-and-see matter. Federal rules on eligibility for receiving payments through subsidized loans have changed because their previous thriving was profoundly dependent on guaranteed loans (i.e., an enormous default rate among borrowers attending for-profit institutions, which left the fed--taxpayers--paying the bill with no penalty to the for-profit institutions or the lenders).

And as to how the public (or their elected representatives) will choose to finance or otherwise subsidize the public good of higher education, there are a number of policy options, but that is a whole matter unto itself.
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