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Please Lead the Charge Against Anti-Christian, Anti-God Curriculum & Instruction

Posted By: Susan Williams on August 9, 2011
It's highly ironic that you didn't examine the growing mountain of anti-Christian, anti-God material in the textbooks commonly used in the nation's public school classrooms.

Christian families would immediately pull their kids out of school if they saw how hostile and deceitful the "spin" has become in what passes as "good" curriculum and instructional methods across the country.

I urge you to start counting the many, many uses of the name of Jesus Christ as a swear word in grade-school curriculum . . . the diatribes against church in general . . . the censorship of God-honoring art, music and history and even the name of God used in a reverent way . . . and of course, the fact that if a student or a teacher even mentions the Bible or any of the 66,000+ verses in it, he or she gets villified, sued, suspended, fired, etc. etc.

All of us have a crying need to treat each other with love, respect and compassion. I'm glad you recognize that elementary truth. For some reason, though, you just have a major blind spot when it comes to modeling and instilling reverence for God and our country's mainstream religion. I would ask you: why?

It is of the worst kind of treachery when the public schools, the costs of which mostly are borne by Christian families, turn around and "diss" the God that we respect and love most of all. Talk about biting the Hand that feeds you! :>)

Will you be a leader to change that???
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 Please Lead the Charge Against Anti-Christian, Anti-God Curriculum & Instruction by Susan Williams on August 9, 2011
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