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Read a Post for Many Educational Pasts: Conservative Visions and Revisions of American Educational History
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Conservative AND Liberal

Posted By: Allen Lambert on May 31, 2011
Mr. Laats asserts:

"... in the past six decades conservative activists have offered not one but many visions of America’s history ... Conservatives have used these different visions of America’s educational past to promote specific reform programs in their own times."

It seems to me that an impartial analysis of education histories as well as of textbooks in public schooling would find the above statements to be at least equally true of "liberals". In other words, one could substitute "liberal" for "conservative" without loss of truth.

Thus, Mr. Laats' conclusion: "This article suggests that anyone interested in understanding the contest for contemporary educational policy must understand the variety of contending conservative visions of the educational past" would be more accurate (and "fair and balanced") if the word "conservative" were removed so that the phrase "contending visions" were left unmodified by one political bias or another.

Mr. Laats further illustrates that the loading and biasing of historical writing is common across the spectrum by his use of particular language.
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 Conservative AND Liberal by Allen Lambert on May 31, 2011
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