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So...it's not just me......

Posted By: Andrea T on May 13, 2011
I am an African American woman and future educator. I was enrolled in a diversity class last semester that required service learning and study of Ruby Payne's Understanding Poverty. I completed my service learning in a small, rural and historically racist town about 30 miles from home (99% white). The ESE teachers pulled out Ruby Payne's book and used their supposed understanding of impoverished students and families to justify their ineffectiveness and low expectations of students in their classes. Instead of promoting understanding.....this book appears to proliferate stereotypes....classism......& racism....

Class discussion of the book was quite degrading. There was less interaction & responses from African Americans in the class, and one African American student dropped his head in shame as we discussed the book.

Where did she get her information? Who did she interview? Though probably well-intended, her observations are steeped in personal opinion and distorted my her classist and racist views as a cultural outsider.
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 So...it's not just me...... by Andrea T on May 13, 2011
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