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State vs Individual

Posted By: Allen Lambert on January 25, 2011
The new Chancellor of SUNY outlines her grandiose vision of the "transformative power" of gov't schooling -- "cradle to career" and "economic engine". But whatever happened to focusing on what schools can and were designed to do: teaching basic literacies and skills in language use (reading and writing), math and science, work skills and citizenship, to contribute specific things to development of individual, for individual pursuit of personally defined happiness?

This is part of what is wrong with modern education -- hutzpah, overreaching, unattainable expectations, empire bldg (expansion of institutional goals beyond purpose and capability), and thereby ensuring "failure" and cynicism about gov't.

Are schools supposed to serve student development? Or state building and economic expansion (like we need to consume even more of earth's dwindling resources)? Education for individuals? Or for reasons of state -- for some particular (centrally defined) view of society? Society in whose image? For a state designed to protect liberty or to become the great parent -- "cradle to grave"? In short, the individual as master of his own destiny, or the state as Grand Optimal Designer and Guarantor of Destiny?
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 State vs Individual by Allen Lambert on January 25, 2011
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