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Read a Post for Hidden Markets: The New Education Privatization
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All you had to do is your job!

Posted By: Susan Williams on December 31, 2010
A fine mess we're in, Ollie! But guess what? You brought it on yourselves. If the educators had simply taught kids to read, write, figure and THINK properly in kindergarten through second grade, then NOBODY would be squawking at you now, and you would be much less vulnerable to private-sector takeover. All of us parents and taxpayers who see how illiterate and innumerate the kids are today, a trend that is widespread even in the upper democraphic categories, quite naturally and correctly blame the education establishment for dropping the ball on your basic mission.

It's not too late: go back to teaching reading with phonics. Teach the 30 rules of spelling. Teach the proper way to hold a pencil and form letters. Teach the classics of children's literature. Insist that students know their math facts down to the level of their DNA; save calculators for algebra and beyond so that they get sufficient computation practice. Set up daily hands-on science experiments and experiences. Teach history instead of "social studies." Teach art, music, foreign language and P.E. in a meaningful way. Yes, teach multicultural subjects and political hot potatoes, but do it in the context of academic, not social, development.

We have less extreme poverty today than ever in our history, so that's not why kids can't read, write and figure as well as they could in generations past. Quit trying to make excuses and blaming everyone and everything but yourselves.

You'd be in great shape if you'd have stuck to your knittin'. When you did, the United States had the best educational system in the world, bar none. But you didn't, and so now, you're toast. Not our fault -- it's yours.
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 All you had to do is your job! by Susan Williams on December 31, 2010
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