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Read a Post for Motivating People from Privileged Groups to Support Social Justice
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How is what you are espousing different from propaganda?

Posted By: Susan Williams on December 31, 2010
Seems as though what you are promoting -- forcing kids to repudiate the sincerely-held and centuries-old tenets of living that the authority figures in their lives, including their parents, grandparents, clergy, Sunday School teachers, physicians, police officers, etc. etc. all hold -- is the same thing as Nazi propaganda.

What you're saying is, "Believe as we do, or you will get punished" -- i.e., a failing grade, no clerkship, no internship, no diploma, no job recommendation from faculty. That's deceitful propaganda, and it really shouldn't be tolerated in our taxpayer-funded public schools and universities.

I think the problem is in the definition of "social justice." It is, ironically, UNJUST to group hot-potato controversies such as societal promotion of homosexuality or amnesty for illegal aliens as something that is GOOD . . . and grouping those of us who rely on our sincerely-held religious beliefs as well as statistical fact about health outcomes and historical fact about the relationship between sexual perversion and societal disintegration, and all the easily-demonstrated woes of allowing illegal immigration to stand, as somehow BAD.

Can't you see how wrong and unfair that is? Do you know the difference between truth and propaganda? Looks like you don't.

Ironically, people who support "social justice" as THEY define it are the ones who are unjust, and do not, indeed, deserve the PRIVILEGE of teaching and influencing young minds.
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 How is what you are espousing different from propaganda? by Susan Williams on December 31, 2010
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