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Paying for Instuctional Failure--and for Educational Research Failure

Posted By: Dick Schutz on October 19, 2010
NCLB mandates that schools that fail kids in reading and math allow the failed kids to receive private tutoring in math and reading, but we don't know what, if any, benefits the tutoring has. Well, OK. That's a matter worth investigating.

What kind of an investigation do we get: An "ethnographic study" driven by a theory that participants construct their own reality when there is no clear protocol to follow in achieving desired ends. The review terms this "policy-in-use", but there is an absence of policy and no use. What is going on is more commonly termed "flying by the seat of your pants."

It would be interesting and productive to learn "what happened." But we're never told. We're told that when you fly by the seat of your pants you get "a host of inadvertent, conspicuous, and abstruse consequences, or problems, not the least of which is more failure. But what these consequences or problems are, and how they were arrived at, we're never told. We're just as ignorant going out as we were when we came in. All we're heard is "theoretical" mush.

Call it the tragedy of American educational research.

Dick Schutz
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 Paying for Instuctional Failure--and for Educational Research Failure by Dick Schutz on October 19, 2010
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