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Marc Tucker is the Anti Christ

Posted By: Arthur Hu on May 16, 2002
Look up Marc Tucker and the www.NCEE.org Nobody has
heard of this guy, but he's the single man responsible
for this whole blasted movement, and selling it to
nearly every state in the union.

High Stakes Testing is one leg of the triad of
1. High "new" constructivist / School To Work standards
2. Assesssment to drive change to the "new" standards
3. Certificate of Mastery to rewards those who align
their curriculum and meet these "standards".

Any tying of graduation to a single test is equivalent
to a Certificate of Mastery. This term appears to have
been coined by Marc Tucker himself.

The standards movement is simply a new name for
"outcome based education" which morphed into
"performance based" and now "accountability".

The basic concept is to reject the notion of a bell-curve
based distribution as the result of racism and uneven
standards, and REQUIRE one high level of proficiency
from all students, with the theory being that all
students, not just the top few, are capable of "world
class" performance. Those that appear to lag will be
assigned "more time" for "remediation".

Such as system is enormously attractive politically,
but is just as impossible in practice as a perpetual
motion machine, if you've ever seen a classroom where
every child is capable of A level performance that is
reflective of the entire diverse population.

Of course, such as system has never delivered the
promised results on any scale over any timeframe,
other than showing "higher test scores" as the result
of making the tests easier and teaching to the

Arthur Hu
www.arthurhu.com - education activist.

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