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Transformative learning and museums

Posted By: Jane Blankman - Hetrick on May 16, 2002
Dr. Mezirow,
I am interested in the study and assessment of transformative learning in an informal setting. I do visitor research at Conner Prairie Living History Museum and am looking at the impact of interaction between our first person and third person interpreters and visitors. Our interpreters portray fictional personas and refer to the past in present tense, encourage verbal and experiental interaction from the audience,and avoid breaking character. Our third person interpreters interpret the past from the present time period. We have various settings from a 1936 village, 1816 trading post to a 1886 farm. Other experiences include Follow the North Star, a simulated underground railroad experience.

It would seem the living history environment is conducive to transformative learning. My question is, how do I assess transformative learning in this environment?
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 Assessment of Learning by lustick david on January 29, 2002
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