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Literacies vs. Virtues

Posted By: Allen Lambert on March 3, 2010
If this review fairly represents the book, then one has to wonder where to include basic literacies -- reading, writing, arithmetic, plus science and civics and culture -- in the primary purpose of public schooling.

Hurley's 6 virtues might be his selection, but they are not everyone's, especially in public schooling in a complex and diverse society whose government must of necessity be secular and impartial (no establishment of religion or its functional equivalent). The wide range of and often competing views and values held by citizens, including about education and society and proper role of gov't, is why these (or any particular set of "virtues") cannot be the core of public (gov't funded, regulated, and run) schools.

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 Literacies vs. Virtues by Allen Lambert on March 3, 2010
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