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High Stakes Testing

Posted By: Connye LaCombe on May 13, 2002
They really are two different things. The high stakes tests that are given offer no room for creative thinking, creative problem solving, and higher order skills. Read Standardized Minds by Sacks, and visit alfiekohn.com for information about what the tests do.

Standards on the other hand require authentic assessment - real products for real purposes and encourage creativity. The question is about who writes the Standard and what their agenda is, however. A Standard can be written to a very low level, or to a higher level. It can specify a product, or be open to interpretation. Just because someone says it is a Standard, does not guarantee it meets a particular criteria. Right now, the National Standards are good guidelines in each content area. State standards are often weak.
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 High-stakes testing and standards by Samantha Murray on April 13, 2002
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