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Posted By: Allen Lambert on February 5, 2010
Public schools are "chronically underfunded"? I do not buy that premise.

Public schools are "underfunded" with regard to what standard and measure? Only against unlimited wants and unrealistic expectations.

95% of people and institutions are "underfunded". That is, we never have as much to spend as we would like. And the more gov't agencies take from families (in taxes) the less families have to decide how to spend on in ways they choose themselves.

Public schools (and other gov't agencies) overreach and need to reduce what they try to do, give up the idea that they are some sort of magic lamp and cure-all and salvation, etc., focus on basics, stop increasing spending at twice the rate of increase of income of ordinary middle and working class citizens, etc. Spending in many states is beyond affordability, and the rate of increase is way beyond sustainability.

More money does not and will NOT improve learning, especially of core literacies.

I say all that as a long-term Board of Education member in an ivy-league university community whose wife is an elementary teacher of 35 years, whose father was both a high school and college teacher, and who also has taught both high school and college.

Allen Lambert
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 "Underfunded"? by Allen Lambert on February 5, 2010
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