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Students At Risk

Posted By: Jerome Smith on May 2, 2002
I meet the educational needs of my severely at-risk students by (1) encouraging student buy-in by eliciting student statements of their perceived needs, interests, and dislikes; (2) by teaching students to write weekly "proverb application compositions" on topics relevant to their success; (3) by designing instruction which meets their individual needs and interests; (4) by scaffolding instruction to enable students to increase their understanding and skill. Evidence that my approach succeeds with my students includes (1) greater student retention rate, i.e., a lower dropout rate by far than for my large urban high school as a whole; (2) higher student grade point averages for my students in all their classes than for students in the school as a whole; (3) better, though to me not yet satisfactory, student achievement on the state assessment for students in my classes than for the school as a whole. I teach "regular," not "honors" students. But my efforts are being undermined by school district mandated lockstep curriculum complete with pacing charts.
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 Students at Risk by Richard Savage Savage on February 19, 2002
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